An Open Invitation To Law Enforcement Officers

Fellow Law Enforcement Officers,


My name is Brandon Perkins and I am the Founder & Executive Director of The American Armor Foundation. If you haven't heard about us yet, we are a 501c3 tasked with a mission to help underfunded law enforcement agencies buy body armor for their officers. For most of us, it's difficult to grasp the thought of thousands of our brothers and sisters working without the protection of body armor because we've been fortunate enough to work for agencies that can afford it. Unfortunately, this isn't the case everywhere and we are working hard to eliminate this problem.


I'm posting this letter and spreading it as far as I can because we need your help. This Foundation simply cannot be successful without volunteers within the law enforcement community who are willing to help us build awareness, locate agencies in need of our assistance, and help us in our fundraising efforts in their local areas across the country. You don't have to donate personally (although you CAN make a big impact for as little as $3/month!) to make a huge impact on our mission and the lives of officers working in underfunded agencies!


My experience in law enforcement has proven time and again that we officers and deputies are service minded and passionate about our profession and helping our fellow officers when they're in need. That being said, I think we can all agree that there are few needs greater than putting body armor on officers - especially given the current social climate in the United States. Attacks on us are up, so there is no greater time to get involved than right now!


How You Can Help


In general, we are in need of volunteer assistance in 3 areas:

  1. Public Relations - Help us build awareness about this problem and introduce the AAF to people and groups of influence across the United States. 

  2. Agency Identification - Help us find underfunded agencies in your state so that we can work hard to help them put body armor on their officers. As a nonprofit, this outreach would be very expensive to do ourselves via mailing lists and postage. You know the agencies in your area, so there is no one better equipped to tell them about us than YOU!

  3. Fundraising - We can't buy body armor without funding from individuals, business, and grants from other organizations. We are working on grants internally, but we need your help generating donations from individuals in your area. There are countless ways that you can easily help us in this area (we encourage you to be creative) and we can provide you with the resources to get it done.

    The most basic way to help in this area is to set a personal funding goal for the year ($500 to $1000 or more), let us provide you with a personal fundraising page (example), and share it with the world! If 50 officers across the country would set a goal to raise $1000, we could put body armor on over 100 officers! 

    Again, there are countless ways to help us raise funding and we would be glad to discuss them with you if you're interested in helping!

Being a volunteer is a great way to expand your impact on our profession nationwide and we look forward to working with you! Get started today by contacting us with the form below. We will get back to you quickly to help you get going!




Brandon Perkins
Executive Director 


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About Brandon

Brandon Perkins is the Founder & Executive Director of the American Armor Foundation, Inc. He is also the chief of police at a Metro Atlanta police department. Brandon started the AAF after discovering how many American officers are working without body armor due to the budgetary constraints of their agencies. Learn More...

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