American Armor Partners with Honey Baked Ham for a Delicious Fundraiser!

Good morning friends!


I'm excited to announce American Armor's participation in HoneyBaked Ham's fundraiser program starting today. We've dubbed the program "Hams for Heroes" (cue the cop/pig jokes) and our goal for the program is to raise at least $2500 between now and December 31, 2016. ALL proceeds will go towards the purchase of body armor for officers in need!


I've never met anyone who didn't like HoneyBaked Ham - especially during the holidays - so I'm pretty confident that this is going to be a great success and help us get body armor on more police officers! 


The holidays are quickly approaching, so you and everyone you know are going to be looking for gift ideas for your family, friends, and employees as well as providing food for gatherings. With Hams for Heroes, you can purchase HoneyBaked Ham gift cards in $10, $25, $50, and $100 totals to fill some of those gift needs and to purchase HoneyBaked products to take to those gatherings while helping us in the process: The American Armor Foundation will receive 20% of every gift card purchase!


How it Works:


HoneyBaked has done a great job developing this program and making it easy and convenient for consumers. All you have to do to participate is order your gift cards from our dedicated ordering page at HoneyBaked will ship your cards and donate 20% of the purchase price to us!


Of course, we also encourage you to share this link with your friends on and offline (sharing it on social media would really give our program a boost!) to help us get as many participants as possible!


Thanks in advance for your support of this program!




Brandon Perkins
Executive Director


P.S. Business Owners and Bosses: I'm pretty sure I read a study somewhere that said HoneyBaked gift cards make for extremely happy & productive employees! 





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