Thousands of American law enforcement officers are currently employed by underfunded agencies that cannot afford to provide them with body armor. We can change that with your help!


The American Armor Foundation is a nonprofit organization tasked with the mission to ensure that law enforcement officers serving in under funded agencies are equipped with life-saving body armor. 


A 2010 Rand Study estimated that as many as 236,000 (about 20% of the total) American law enforcement officers do not have body armor. Cost is certainly a leading factor behind this.


The average cost (2010 numbers) for an agency to provide an officer with body armor is $112 per year, which totals $560 over the 5 year lifespan of a vest. This doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider the fact that 50% of American police officers work for small agencies (10 or fewer officers) with an average operating budget of only $502,076, it makes more sense.


Attacks on law enforcement are increasing at an alarming rate, yet thousands of the men and women who serve are not protected.


This is why we are here!



Make a huge difference for as little as $3 per month.


We are building an army of volunteers across the U.S.! 


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